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How it Works


GEA auctions is a good choice for buying assets

• You are searching for assets for a competitive price
• You would like to buy in an efficient way
GEA auctions has a big range of assets
• You save time in visiting several sellers/dealers
•100% transparency is guaranteed in the bidding an buying process

GEA auctions guarantees a clear and transparent process

• online auctioning with free registration
• easy to handle online system
• accountability for the whole auction system, e.g., You can check at any time the bidding process


Personal registration

Registration is free of charge ! Just click „ Register ” and fill in Your private/company details. After this You receive Your private buyer account and You are ready to bid ! If You want to change Your details, simply go to Your „ My E box ” and modify Your details.


Viewing days

All lots are possible to view before the closing of the auction. Please check the GEA auctions website and make an appointment to view: info@gea-auctions.com. Viewing is recommended before making a bid.


Bidding process

Sign in and click on the auction You are interested in. Browse through the items and place a bid for the asset you prefer. As a registered buyer You can place a bid on any items on the GEA auctions website. You will be updated by email if your bid is accepted. If You have received an e-mail with a conformation of Your bid, it is irreversible.



All payments should be transfered in euro currency. 



GEA auctions guarantees the privacy of our bidders/buyers. Buyer details will never be disclosed on the GEA auctions website. We suggest that You keep Your buyer account and password protected. They are Your identification for entering our website.


Auction Ending

Every auction closes at a fix time. However, if someone places a bid whithin 5 minutes before auction ending, the auction will be stretched out with another 5 minutes to give the chance to others to place a bid. When whithin these 5 minutes someone places a bid, the auction will be stretched out for another 5 minutes etc.


Subject to allocation

In the case "subject to allocation" is mentioned in an auction, the winning bidder is NOT automatically granted as the official buyer. When the seller accepts the final biddig price the winning bidder will be allowed to officially buy the asset. Feedback from the seller will be normally given whithin 48 hours.